How to enter

How to enter


The awards are decided by the editors and journalists of The judging process is split into three parts:

1.) Submission of pitch documents | Deadline September 1

There's no minimum or maximum length for the submissions (pitches can be as short as two pages, or as long as twenty). There's also no set structure or format - it is an opportunity for you to tell us why you deserve to win.

Submissions should include case studies and examples of best practice or key deals. Client references are also required – for shortlisted candidates, feedback from clients has often been the decisive factor.

Most pitching firms will be asked to set aside time for an off-record meeting, which plays a far bigger part in determining the eventual winners – a member of the editorial team will be in touch to arrange this meeting after the pitch has been submitted.

2.)  Pitch meetings | September 2023

The second – and far more important – stage of the judging process is the off-record pitch meeting. These typically run for at least an hour. Please don’t assemble the entire business for these meetings – any more than five people risks being unwieldy; two or three is probably optimal. If we need extra info, we can follow up.

3.)  Due diligence on shortlisted candidates, including client calls | October 2023

The final stage of judging, for shortlisted firms only, is the due diligence process. In most cases, this means calling clients. These conversations are off-record. 

In each category, we select and announce a winner only – no second place, no silver medal, no highly commended – and the decision is made by the editorial team on the basis of the information gathered during the three stages of the process.

Firms who wish to be considered for this year’s Risk Awards will need to submit a pitch document

If you have any questions about the process, please contact